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Interior Railings INSTALLATION

Interior railings are installed on the balcony or stairs. They have benefits of aesthetics and functionality. They not only beautify your home but also add safety to your stairs and balcony. Besides, railings can be used as support for walking by the elderly. 

Interior railings come in a variety of designs and concepts. They can be accented with decorations and also have various shapes. They could be made of iron, glass, wood, aluminum steel, etc. Some are made with aesthetics in mind and are beautiful to look at while others are kept durable to secure your stairs and balcony. 

We provide innovative railing styles that enhance the beauty of your home. They add safety to your home and also boost its market value. So, without further ado, get in touch with our team of experts and add that durable and beautiful interior railing to your house. 

Railing Projects

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What we do?

Once you have chosen interior railings as per your preference, you need to book installation services. Equitable Renovations provides expert interior railing installation services. Our team of professional installers firmly connects the railings with walls, pillars, flooring, etc. depending on the structure of the area. We ensure sturdy construction to prevent any kind of damage. 

Each railing project has unique requirements. This is because of the distinct positioning and design of the railing. We understand your requirements and take into consideration various aspects like height along with custom design and style before we begin to install the railing. 

Equitable Renovations has been in the industry of interior railings for over 10 years. We have handled different kinds of projects and have installed railings in various setups. We serve customers at homes, apartments, villas, penthouses, and cottages.

We have worked directly with the homeowner after the house has been constructed and also with the builder at the time of construction. We can handle both pre-construction and post-construction projects. 

We love to establish a personal relationship with our customers. We have expertise in residential projects, with many solutions to help design and complete the right railing installation as per your needs. Just give us a call and we are determined to provide excellent customer service.

If you haven’t chosen the railing yet but have decided to use one, our team of contractors and coordinators can help you choose an ideal railing design that will complement the interiors of your house.

We can guide you on the size and style you require and complete your project at affordable prices.

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