House Renovation


Renovating your house is a good idea. It improves the value and enhances overall beauty. Also, it makes your home a much more convenient and comfortable place to live in. This is because you upgrade to the latest technologies, designs, materials, and more.

As you decide to carry out a house renovation project, you need to hire a trusted and reliable renovation company in Toronto, like Equitable Renovations, who can assist with professional design and renovation services.

We believe that it is important to clearly understand your requirements before undertaking the project. Apart from your requirements, it is also vital to assess the current condition of your house. A lot of times, problems like leaking pipes, faulty electrical wiring, etc. are seen during the course of the renovation. We perform a thorough assessment before starting the project and ensure that the team is prepared to handle any such additional activities.


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Our Promise

Toronto has a long list of both online and offline home renovation contractors making it a little challenging for you to choose the best. Making the right choice that is affordable and efficient can be pretty tricky. However, the best way to do this is by seeking advice from your friends, relatives, and neighbors and checking out the reviews of the company’s past customers.

We are happy to share that our past clients are impressed with our services and have shared positive reviews about our team and their performance.

We believe that it is extremely important to start with a well-stated plan of action to arrive at the desired renovation objectives. We are a well-known company within Ontario communities and have earned a credible reputation over the decade. So, you will hear our name from owners and investors.

How does it work

As soon as you call us or submit a free consultation form on our website, we schedule an appointment as per your availability. Our project coordinator visits your home to provide consultation and estimation for your house renovation project. We generally take two days to prepare a renovation proposal for your house with all the design details, materials required, and appropriate budgets.

Once the proposal is agreed upon by both parties, our team begins to prepare custom drawings and floor plans. The materials and required equipment will be selected and your house renovation begins.

In a few weeks, watch how the look and feel of your house are entirely changed and start planning your next house party with friends and family.

Our Clients



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