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A home is generally said to be a reflection of its owner. With constant upgrades in the real estate market and the introduction of many innovative products, it is a good idea to spruce your home and make renovation a milestone as enjoyable and memorable as buying a new home.

Now, if you’re planning to renovate your home, you probably need to borrow money because the entire project can be quite expensive.

Equitable Renovations offers financing services to help you upgrade your existing home to a modern, luxurious and more comfortable living space.


Who needs Home Improvement Loan?

Home improvement loans are secured taken against the mortgage of your property. The loan amount is used for the purpose of renovating, remodeling, upgrading or repairing your home. The loan can also be used for minor jobs like installation of new bathroom fittings, furniture, appliances, fans, etc.

You should take a home improvement loan if:

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Why do we need Home Improvement Loan?

Every home requires regular maintenance like painting, remodeling, tiling, and more. Some need it sooner if they are exposed to stronger wear and tear while others can wait for more time. 

Either way, home renovation is expensive due to the rising cost of labor and material. Therefore, it becomes imperative to opt for a home improvement loan and begin with the process of refurbishing your house. 

When you apply for a loan with Equitable Renovations, here are some of the benefits and features:

  • Simple repayments through monthly instalments
  • Competitive and affordable interest rates
  • Easy and hassle-free documentation
  • Loans to enhance your home in different ways like flooring and tiling, interior and exterior plaster, painting, etc.

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