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Which aspects of renovation and construction can you support with?

Our team of experienced professionals provides end-to-end client experience. We start with an assessment of your property followed by the preparation of a renovation proposal including layout plans, design ideas, and other material recommendations. We provide traders, contractors, suppliers, and other staff to complete the renovation and also take care of any plumbing and electrical jobs. All in all, we can address almost everything that relates to home renovation and improvement.

How long does the renovation process take?

This is entirely dependent on the scope and requirements of the project. For instance, if you are only looking at renovating your bathroom, the timeline will be much shorter whereas, for a full-home renovation, it will take around 4 to 6 months. The renovation team will be able to propose a timeline after assessing the requirements and the details of the project.

Is it important to go through the planning stage?

Planning is the most important phase of the renovation project. It ensures successful completion. If the project begins with the right planning, the chances of problems are lesser. Some crises will arise even after extensive planning but if planning has been done efficiently, these stressful situations can be tackled without a lot of time and resources being wasted on them. Moreover, planning eliminates the chances of delays due to poor coordination between different teams since everything will be decided upon beforehand.

Is it essential to decide on a budget before beginning the project?

Yes. This allows the design team and other representatives to plan within a contest. If we are unaware of your budget and provide recommendations that are way more expensive than what you would like to spend, time will be wasted in negotiating and restructuring the proposal. Conversely, if we underestimate your budget, you will not be happy with the outcome. We customize our designs and plans as per your budget and therefore, having an initial grasp of the same help.

What is your renovation process?

We begin with a free consultation wherein a representative will assess your property to understand the various requirements. Next, we propose a design and quote. Once the proposal has been agreed upon by both parties, we start preparing your property for renovation by setting up temporary partitions and covering areas that are not to be touched. The foundation for renovation is now set and the actual work begins. All jobs related to flooring, carpentry, painting, lighting, and other fittings are undertaken. And within a few weeks or months depending on the scale of the project, your renovation is complete!

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, at Equitable Renovations, financing options for your home improvement, remodeling, and renovation projects are available.

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