The idea of basement renovation is incredible. However, there are many aspects to consider when renovating this space. If you, as a homeowner, are planning to do it by yourself, you might find it confusing and frustrating. Over time, you will realize that there are hundreds of decisions that need to be taken to be able to effectively use this area of your house.

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Equitable Renovations has been providing basement renovation services for over 10 years. We have renovated hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of basements and made them useful and comfortable for the homeowner. Our specialists understand the space post a free consultation and ensure that they suggest an effective plan of action for your basement remodeling project.

Basement Renovation is an Investment

Renovation of the basement is an investment with plenty of benefits. First and foremost, it enhances the value of your home in the real estate market. Second, an unfinished basement seems like a cellular room used for storing appliances and other discarded household items that do not fit in the garage or storeroom. 

Moreover, when you renovate this extra space in your house, you can use it for something more purposeful such as creating new rooms for the kids’ play area, or gym, bathroom, entertainment room, lounge, meeting room or even a home theatre. 


Another crucial aspect to keep in mind when planning basement renovation is how this space can be made comfortable to survive in. This means making arrangements for light, appropriate temperatures, and ventilation. Is there a way to bring natural environment light or temporary fixtures are needed? Is heating and cooling of the basement managed well? Is there a need for additional ventilation or has that already been taken care of by the construction contractor?


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What we do?

An experienced representative and project coordinator from our end can take care of these essential aspects before beginning the project of renovating your basement. Our team will help you choose the best design plan along with the best floors, wall paint colors, tiles, kitchen and bathroom plans, and participate in other decisions that are important to transform this space into a living and useful area.

The basement requires great workmanship since it is an area that needs specialized maintenance. The complexity of the structure demands an immense amount of work and the contractor must be able to understand and tackle the challenges involved. Our contractors can work their way out and provide timely solutions to any problems that arise, such as dampness, leakage, drainage, lighting, and more.

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